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The Natural place to be

“The Jackal’s Howl Mountain Farm,” situated on the western slopes of Mt. Carmel in a forest rich with evergreen Mediterranean vegetation, offers ecological hospitality in nature.


We emphasize integration into nature among the fragrant herbs and looking out onto the green

expanses facing the ocean, with a spirit and passion for unique hospitality in nature.

Our activities are founded on the principle of the constant preservation and cultivation of nature and of the space. This stems from our belief that these are the cornerstones for continuing to offer our guests the same irreplaceable feeling. The tranquility, nature, and our guests inspire the spirit and activity at “The Jackal’s Howl Mountain Farm.”



Adventures in nature, personal growth, group experiences, local culture, and heritage. Choos from our range of activities which combine content, interests, experiences, and warm personalized hospitality.


We have prepared a list of activities and teambuilding exercises for employees and staff, which are designed individually for you, in accordance with the group’s qualities.


Suitable for companies, organizations, educators, associations, and groups.


Hiking trails

The Carmel area is characterized by nature and an incredible landscape. Through our knowledge of the way of life in the area and our familiarity with interesting people, special places, and local flavors, we have collected and assembled unique tours that will leave their mark in your heart.

Team Activities

Leave the office, disconnect from your computer, and turn off your cell phone. Somewhere in the Carmel forests, far from the hustle and bustle, a special, refreshing, and routine-breaking experience awaits you.


Let’s go out into the countryside with a variety of activities, workshops, and excursions, expansive nature, special treats, and rich culinary hospitality,

An offsite tailored to the spirit of the group.

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סדנאות גיבוש לעובדים

אטרקציות בצפון

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Get to know our team of experienced and friendly facilitators and instructors.


We invite you to choose from a variety of workshops and experience and encounter new and enlivening areas of interest.


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